John Bruhnke, Singer, Guitarist, and Songwriter

SonicSoul is fronted by John Bruhnke (last name rhymes with Funky!).  Bruhnke can lay down a wild, Buddy Guy inspired slow blues and the next minute launch into a classic Stevie Wonder tune to get the crowd dancing. In May of 2022 Bruhnke slowed down his performance schedule to study music with the legendary Robben Ford. Bruhnke continually strives to expand his playing to keep the music fresh and exciting.  Fast forward to summer of 2024 and Bruhnke is emerging as a new guitarist with a renewed focus on songwriting, which he has been doing since he got his first guitar at age 9. While he enjoys playing songs people know, he feels this is the time for him to bring his original music forward. At the age of 57, Bruhnke is inspired and writing an album to showcase all that has evolved over the last two years. Stay tuned for details! 

E.G. McDaniel


The bassist for SonicSoul is E.G. McDaniel.  E.G. is an inductee of the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame.  As the son of Chicago blues icon, guitarist Floyd McDaniel, and the nephew of Bo Diddley, the blues music runs deep within E.G.  E.G. has shared the stage with Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Sonny Seals, A.C. Reed, Carl Weathersby, John Primer and countless others.  Outside of SonicSoul, E.G. continues to work with top blues artists such as Jimmy Burns and Mud Morganfield.